Sculpture show held at West Dean Gardens August 2017. 

Curated and managed by myself as contracted project manager I was asked to create a feature exhibit relating to the Xlilita Gardens in Mexico built by Edward James. 

Below is my submission:


GIVEN CANOPY - Scrapped Entire trampoline frame, galvanised steel - 2017.

Here I have used manmade given shaped material to weave in and
out of a natural space (the ground). The pieces are chosen
and placed to represent the silhouetted canopy of the Xlilita Gardens.
The curl holds a narrative that moves from a fluid form to angular steps.
Not only representational but a metaphor itself for the changing habitat
before and after construction of the gardens. The springs represent
the delicate tension yet perfect harmony between the two contrasting elements. 
Using every steel element was important to me to really push a re-use and
recycle element. I choose to contextually reference the gardens as a whole as my
practise and ethics strongly correlate environmental and economic change and
the importance in the management of it. The gardens promote a healthy jungle
habitat alongside manmade architectural excellence and how it can be
constructed and controlled. 

My artistic practise holds strength in drawing. Drawing expressively on a large
scale, digitally and through sculpture. The element of chance has always been
evident in my work. Here I have used two sources of information to maintain a fresh
outcome. Both the given steel pieces as set shapes alongside my own ideas
and intentions. This increases spontaneity and chance while reducing any
predictability and inevitable repetition. Something I like to promote in all of my studies.